Monday, February 27, 2012

A DIY + Gifts to Me!!!!

So the first thing I must mention is....I finally got a DSLR!!!! I am so happy! I simply cannot wait to start taking pictures with this baby! It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship people, so beware!
Secondly, along with the purchase of a new camera; one must also purchase a camera carrying bag! Which amazon so very kindly happen to find for me while I was browsing around on their site. What I love about it is that it's perfect to disguise what's inside AND it can also be used as a purse! Which if you can't notice, I am using this excuse to justify the purchase. Oh well......I needed it! Don't judge me.
As for the shorts, I wanted to get a pair of scalloped shorts when they were all the rage, but I was never able to find a pair I really liked, random adventure to the thrift store this past weekend scored me the beauties above! But don't let the picture fool you; these babies were really long Bermuda looking shorts which I cut into scalloped shorts! What can I say.....I'm crafty! Haha! But yeah another few things I lucked out on in the shorts, was that they are floral and they are in a pretty shade of a coral peach, which is perfect for spring! I cannot wait to style these lovelies!
So that's it! Sorry I have no outfit shots, but continue on staying tuned for them!

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Catherine said...

You DIY'd those shorts?? They look great! My favorite color too!