Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yes, the above title is somewhat of a rip-off of Shakira'sShe-wolf song...but I don't care! I love Shakira and if I desire to similarly name my title after her song, then so be it! 
So in honor of that song, I decided to title this blog post, She- Leopard. Only because sometimes I do feel like we are all in disguise at one point or another. I mean, haven't you guys in one time or another felt as if you had to change your persona because you were afraid of what others might think or say?! I used to because I was afraid of what others might think about me. But I have decided that no one can tell me who to be, what to wear, or how to act. I am a woman who is responsible for her own actions, thoughts, and/or decisions and I will be damned if I let others dictate those things for me. So in essence, I am letting the She-Leopard out and letting her breathe. In my life, as well as in my choice of clothing.

I have decided that I will not give in to people's expectations of what I should be or how I should dress. I will just focus on being who I am and what I want to be. If people aren't happy with what I do or what I say, then that is their problem. I will no longer try to be something or do something just because "time is ticking" or "It looks weird". Instead, I chose to live this life to the fullest, be happy and content with what I have, and strive to being a better and strong-willed woman. One who can think for herself and make her own choices. So in the words of Helen Reddy, I quote: "I am woman, hear me roar!"

Okay... so enough of the serious talk and on to the reason why you guys are probably here. 
So in regards to the pants, I have never owned a pair of leopard bottoms before, so when I saw these baby's  hanging on the rack at Ross, I decided to bite the bullet and just get them. They are seriously THE MOST, comfortable and SEXIEST pair of jeans I own! I love the fit of them and I love that they scream sexy without being over the top. And who doesn't like feeling sexy every once in awhile?! I sure do!

I love the touch of fierceness it brings to my outfit and I like how it adds life to what could possibly be a very boring outfit. The flats also added an element of edge with their gold studs shining through. I know that these flats aren't everyone's cup of tea because they could add too much hardness to one's outfit, but worn with the right clothes they can tie an outfit together and make it more fun. I always look for something that will add a bit of flair to an outfit, so I was instantly drawn to these shoes. I must admit, the shininess of the studs also grabbed my attention.

As for the pictures below; I was either pretending to be Shakira or I was practicing my bellydance goddess pose. Which I used to take, if any of you were interested in knowing. Not that I think you were! But anyways... Please don't judge. I have a tendency to get crazy in my pictures sometimes if I feel it's getting too serious. Any thoughts on any of the things spoken here today, feel free to comment below. A response or any sign of life is always welcome!

Black Tank: H&M
Leopard Skinny Jeans: Ross
Zigi Soho Studded Flats: DSW
Necklace( which you can barely see): Forever 21

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