Friday, December 23, 2011

My New Vintage Dress!

An outfit post.... YAY! I just quickly wanted to share with you guys my outfit I opted to wear to my last, Christmas season workday. With all the green and reds in it, I figured it was appropriate to show some holiday spirit in it at work.

This dress i scored for a mere $10.00 at Chick-a-Boom vintage in Petaluma and boy, was I a happy camper! I bought it some time in the summer thinking that I would wear it then, but somehow I'm glad I saved it for Christmas because it seems to fit it better.

I really like the way this dress fits me, except for one thing; the  length. My co-worker who knows how to sew will shorten it to the knee for me, so that then.... it will be perfect! Oh.... and I apologize for the lack of outfit posts, but somehow I feel like I am missing the blogging spirit. But not too worry, I am determined to find it once again and start my regular posting. Even if it means coming up with outfits that make no sense! If there are outfits that make no sense. Oh well..... it's off to enjoy my pre- Christmas Eve with a holiday movie marathon. Happy Christmas everyone!

1950's Dress: Vintage ( Chick-A-Boom Vintage)
Tights: Ross
Booties: Gifted
Necklace: Gifted
Gold Flower Hairpin: Forever 21

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