Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A DIY Dress & A Makers' Faire

First of all my apologies for a extremely picture-heavy post, but it could not be avoided. So this lovely dress that you are viewing is a creation made by ME! I fell in love with the thought of having a Galaxy piece of clothing when I saw this post by Rebecca, from the clothes horse. I just knew I had to have one! Unfortunately, I was a little late in the galaxy print game, so I could not find one to buy. So I thought to myself, 'why not make one?!' 

Hence, the beauty shown here! What do you guys think? It came out pretty cool if I do say so myself! I wish that the dress I used didn't have sleeves but anyways, I had to use what I had. So anyways...this dress was the perfect thing to wear to every nerds dream fair; the World Maker Fair. It was an awesome fair filled with pretty cool inventions and awesome handmade pieces. 

Shown below are a couple of fooling around pictures with my     special guy.

   Close-up shots of my awesome galaxy dress.

   A cool umbrella sculpture thing that blew fire from it.

   This mask was pretty cool, all made from metal.

Myself fooling around in the LED colored kelp.

This dragon car was made from different metals and had a bunch of cool LED lights in it. I swear that thing was trying to eat me!

Beads to play in.

The handmade owl I'm holding was begging to come home with me and come home with me it did!!

That giraffe, also made from the same people who made the owl, was also wanting to come home with me but didn't end up happening.

This wall was made entirely from recycled fabrics and the ground was a town made entirely out of tape. 

A certain someone looking mighty happy next to that blow-up robot.

This is what the sun looked like during the eclipse.

The eclipse made it possible for the shadows to create those tiny discs you see.

Oh and of course, no outing is complete without some blog shots for good measure. I also loved the different colored doors on each level of the parking lot. It made for some cool retro backdrops.
As for the fair, I recommend you guys go if there are any in your town. You can do a lot of meat things and there is a place where you can find many other handmade goodies. Things like: jewelry, clothing, and accessories were in abundance in that particular area. I was gifted some pretty gold earrings with birdies hanging down from them. I cannot wait to go again and you guys should go too!

DIY Galaxy Dress: Forever 21 & ME
Necklace: Forever 21
Sneakers: Chuck Taylor's
Glasses: Raybans
Franco Sarto Purse: Ross


Seeking Style said...

Such a great dress!

xo Jennifer

sharon lei said...

Cool DIY!

xx Love & Aloha
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femmedecoeur said...

Hi Jessica,

I just found your site. I wanted to comment on your DIY Galaxy Dress - very cool! I really like the way it turned out. Also wanted to let you know I'm enjoying reading your blog, your personality really shines through and makes me smile.