Monday, August 13, 2012

Outside Lands Fest 2012 part 1

A word of caution; this is an extremely picture heavy post and as the title says, these are Outside Land Festival photos! I attended two out of the three days of said festivities that happened in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. I got the chance to see Metallica, one of my all-time favorite bands play, as well as Regina Spektor, The Kills, Fun, Jack White, and even Stevie Wonder. It was the New Age Woodstock for those of you who want to know what it was like. Picture pretty ladies in pretty dresses with flowers in their hair and awesome guys in interesting get-ups. If you guys ever get the chance to attend, I truly, truly recommend that you go.

As for the outfit, I decided to keep it really casual and non-fussy because I wanted my shoes to be the focal point. These boots represent me perfectly because they are tough with a girly edge and that's exactly what I'm like. I also went ahead and changed out my normal black laces and replaced them with these pretty satiny ones that also came with the boots. However, if any of you are wondering how comfortable these babies are to wear in a festival that lasted over 10 hours, you can go ahead and ask me! They were fine for at least 7 hours, till after when my legs felt like they were carrying 20 pound bags of sugar on them. Man were they heavy! Oh well.... it's the price that comes with fashion.  

I could talk about my love for these boots for hours but I won't get in to that. Let's just say that they take some time to break into and that during this time, be prepared to suffer with a few blisters here and there. But anyways, onwards to festival talk......

This picture above was taken at wonder world, a cute little wooden stage lived here in which people covered in different costumes and white paint played some awesome Beatle songs. I especially like the banjo playing, way cool man!!

Hanging Candy Balls!

A pretty tree covered in pretty twinkly lights at Wine Lands.

A mirror-filled prism diamond thing.

Hanging in the Dark Side. BTW...that's what this area was called.

More people are starting to come.

Peace and Love my friends.

Hello mister!


Stage shot.

Being silly.....



More Metallica...

James Hetfield tearing up the guitar.


Lastly, this last picture with a random guy wearing a really huge hat made it in here because he was head banging like crazy, and I found it awesome that the hat managed to stay on his head the entire time. This was one amazing day! Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of my concert photos.

Green Cardigan: Target
Black V-neck Back Tank: H&M
Skinny Capri Jeans: Forever 21
Floral Dr.Martens: Ebay
Floral Sunnies: Outside Lands Fest
Jewelry: Gifted and Bought

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