Saturday, June 25, 2011

At the Drop of a Hat

Hat, Sandals: Target
Crop top, Purse: TJ Maxx
Skinny jeans, Necklace: Forever 21

Apartment stuff shopping day! Since I am on the search for an apartment, it's only fitting that I start to buy things to furnish said apartment. So that was the plan, but somehow, it turned into a clothes/purse shopping thrift day. It's so funny how quickly one goes from looking at pots and pans to trying on pretty blouses and cute purses. Oh always needs those things as well, right?!
So what do you guys think of the outfit? I thought I would give the crop top look a try seeing how I have seen a few girls rocking this trend. I like the pattern and colors of this blouse, however I am still not too sure about the cropped look. I will have to wear this kind of top more often to let it grow on me. Do you guys have any suggestions as to how else to wear this trend??? Comments appreciated please!


dahhlayne said...

I always make plans for the day, but they always turn into something else as well. What a waste of planning...:)
I've always thought of crop tops actually being a little shorter, as in showing your navel and whatnot. Because if not, then it just looks like a normal shirt. Since I don't have a six pack to show off, I would just a wear a nice pair of high-waisted bottoms if I were to ever have a top that would expose my belly. Hope this helps! :)

inge luciana said...

looks so comfort. great outfit!

the nyanzi report said...

lovely outfit. the only thing i would change is the bag for a red or tan satchel.

vhera enjelina said...

love your bag.
nice outfit , but it will lokk good if you change your jeans to be skinny jeans.
nice post!!!

kiss from indonesia
with love , xoxo

SoFashionistica said...

Thanks for all your comments guys! Gonna try to remix this top again soon.

jamie said...

you look absolutely adorable as you always do!! hmm, you can try wearing shorts or even high waisted shorts with crop tops :) love the bag, too!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

that brown bag is so adorable and i love the hat on you!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Jo said...

Your hat is lovely! It goes absolutely perfectly with the outfit! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

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