Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take a Picture

Embroidered Sweater, slip: Forever 21
Flats:Chinese Laundry

Today, was such a busy day at work that I had so much down time. I proceeded to look for thing or two online, but I couldn't think of anything to look up! You know there's a problem when things are so slow,
that you run out of things to surf on at the web! I mean come on already..... I WANNA WORK!!! J/K
As for the skirt ensemble, I decided to wear this skirt because of the colors and because it has FLOWERS! Yep.... flowers, my favorite print!
So as you can see above, it was a very windy day, which made it hard for me to control my skirt. But thank goodness I tamed it a bit in some pictures; I was almost starting to feel like Marilyn Monroe for a minute there! The wind was super crazy and super cold! I ask you...... where is summer for crying out loud??!! I'm ready to wear my pretty dresses, skirts, and feel the hot sun on my skin!
As for the title of this post, I picked it because of the song: "Take a Picture" by Filter. It happened to pop into my head while my photographer was taking the pictures, and just like when the song says: " I feel like a newborn" it was exactly how I felt at that particular time. Ah the memories! Take a listen.....


jamie said...

adorable photos!! i love floral print anything :)

SoFashionistica said...

@jamie: Thank you! I love floral prints too as you can tell!