Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrifting Ain't Easy

This was my work outfit from last week, I forgot to upload this that day....sorry guys! Anyways, I want to start off this post by saying...I love thrifting! I mean shopping is already good in itself but going someplace to find awesome articles of clothing that no one is probably rocking right now, is even ten times BETTER!

At a thrift store you will be able to find things for a cheap price; things that you would probably find for a lot more money at regular retail stores. Not that that is a problem, but sometimes a girl just wants to save some money and still be able to shop. Ladies, I think you can agree with me on this, right?!

So yes I understand that a lot of people would say that thrifting is horrible because you are buying things that other people have worn, but I mean, it's not like you can't wash them and BAM.... they are clean again! It's just as if, you had worn something that belonged to your good friend and she let's you borrow it. I mean she has worn it and now, so will you!
 I think that people should really re-think this whole concept they have on the whole wearing things from thrift stores, it's really not that bad. So what are your thoughts on thrift stores and wearing clothes from there? 

Feather Blouse: Target
Silk Skirt: Thrifted
Black Suede Wedges: Target
Mini Leather Backpack: Thrifted
Opaque Tights: Target

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