Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun In San Francisco

Okay... so I finally put these up Tere! By the way, for those of you who keep up on my posting, Tere, is one of my followers/niece who I mention from time to time. It is because of her, that I have willed myself to do some regular posting. She constantly reminds me that there are people out there, who would love to see what other outfits I come up with; but being since I don't always blog daily, I am missing out on future followers. So I give her this. A blog post dedicated and featuring, her! Haha....I put you on here!

So these pictures are from the Martin Luther King holiday Monday that my niece, so very kindly spent with me. We decided to hit up the city to see what we could score at some vintage/ thrift shops. However, with not knowing where the shops were and not realizing that on most streets in San Francisco you cannot turn left, most of the morning there was spent getting semi-lost in union square. Not being able to turn left to turn back around was an exciting adventure in itself, and boy was that hilarious! I mean, it took us like 6 street lights to realize that we should probably turn right at some point instead of left to turn back around. But at least we managed to find a parking garage and meet up with my special person, who took us to a very fancy shmancy restaurant that served really weird dishes. Weird, but nonetheless good!

Next time we head to the city, I will try to be more prepared and plan out the day. A word of advice for those of you travelling from the Marin County Area going towards San Francisco: TAKE THE FERRY! DO NOT DRIVE!

Knit Sparkly Beret: Forever 21
Green cardigan: Target ( On Clearance)
Vintage 80s Blouse: Thrifted
Mini Skirt: Forever 21
Teal Opaque Tights: Forever 21
Restricted Boots: DSW
Mini Backpack: Thrifted 
Glasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers
Knit Flower Belt: Forever 21

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