Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Touch of Fur

These are the last of the back dated posts, so from now on I plan to post a bit more frequently. It was on my day off, and I felt like sharing a bit of my apartment with you guys. It's my room and as you can see, it is very white and girly. I have incorporated florals and my favorite color: purple!

The dress I am wearing was a spontaneous purchase brought on because of a spontaneous outing with my friend. I was not supposed to buy anything, but this dress just had to come home with me. It was yelling at me to 'pick it up' and take it home, so I obliged. I like the fit and the colors work well to mix with other stuff. I actually want to start playing a bit more with patterns and prints this year to mix it up because I usually tend to stay within the lines when it come to dressing, but this year I would like to be a bit more risque'.

I'm actually a bit excited for the weekend to come because in just 4 days, it will be MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! I will be another year older and I couldn't be happier! I am looking forward to this year because
I feel that many exciting things are bound to happen. I hope to travel alot this year and make it the best year in the last of my twenties. Yep I said it, the last of my twenties. Eeekk!!

Well I look forward to anything that life has to bring this year, and with it, I plan to focus a bit more on my blog and kind of revamp it a bit. I would also like to have a blogger meetup at my place and get to meet some of my followers and fellow blog friends. Let me know of any ideas for my blog or just anything that you guys think you would like to see. Comments and ideas are always welcome. Talk to you guys soon!

Fur-Trimmed Sweater: Marshall's
Striped Dress: Marshall's
Scarf: Siamese Dream
Tights: Target
Brown Leather Lace-ups: DSW
Beatles Tote: Target


Jenny said...

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness and love. I am sure we will meet soon :-)

Clara Turbay said...

Awesome ideas put together i find here.


Happy birthday, sweet lady!! Aw, hope your celebration is a fabulous one and how cute is this outfit?! Love the stripes + boots + that jacket (aww!). Adorable!! xo V