Sunday, January 1, 2012

She's Going The Distance'

These photos are from New Year's Eve. Sorry for the lateness, but I might as well warn you guys, I will be back-tracking the next few days till I catch up.
 I didn't get a chance to put them up that day, since it was kind of a hectic day the entire day. If any of you are wondering where these pictures were taken, they were from the Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway Track in Monterrey Bay. A few of my friends took their cars to test out the track and boy, was it fun! I didn't get to ride with special person because he was not able to get on the list, but.... it was still cool watching all the others go all Fast to the Furious out there. Mmm hmm..... I went there!

So in honor of this adventurous event, I decided to bust out with my most race track looking outfit! I think that by adding the leather bomber and motorcycle boots, it really made the outfit look racetrack chic. Oh and by the way....don't let this smile fool you, it was freakin' cold at that place! It was very close to the beach and very foggy that day, so you can imagine how cold I must have been.

Oh and if any of  you were wondering who is this devilish looking fellow that made it to my blog and took the pictures, well.... we'll just say that he is that special person I mentioned earlier in the post. I'm a sneaky one aren't I?!

Black Leather Bomber Jacket: Costco
Grey See-through Sweater: Marshall's
Green Tank: Target
Jeggings, Necklace & Ring: Forever 21
Striped Socks: Kohl's
Sam & Libby Boots, Hat: Marshall's
Coach Leather Purse: Coach Outlet

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