Sunday, July 10, 2011


Top,Headband: Forever 21
Jeans: Macy's
Woven Sling-back Flats: Etsy

If you guys noticed, today I have done two posts in one day because ever since the long fourth of July weekend I have been behind. But do not worry I am now back on track. Dammit! It's past midnight, so now this post is late! Oh well! was a thrift/consignment/movie night day! I went to a few thrift stores with my mom today and I got a few things which I probably didn't need, but hey, gotta give in to temptation sometime, right?! I also went to my favorite consignment shop today to sell a couple of Coach bags I did not use anymore. Hopefully I get a good amount of money back so that I can use it to buy more things for my apartment!
Oh and the movie I got to see today I definitely recommend it if you guys want a good laugh. It was called Horrible Bosses and it was with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. It was hilarious! Now I can't wait for this next weekend because I will get to see the last Harry Potter movie along with the huge crowd of 10 year olds. Can't wait!


chantilly said...

i love your shoes!!


Monica Whitney said...

I love these jeans!

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Fabrizia said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
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SoFashionistica said...

@EVERYONE: Thanks for the comments! I totally agree eith you chantilly... I love these shoes!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Such a great bohemian top! =)