Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stripe This

Dress: UO
Sandals: Sway
Necklace: Gifted party sundress! Isn't is darling?! I knew it was going to be mine, when I saw this baby while walking amongst the pretty clothes at Urban Outfitters. I love how it flares out and how the material feels! But what really caught my eye, was how each part of the dress had the stripes going in different directions! CRAZY!
Since today I ended up going to a pool party, I thought this dress would be perfect for that, and it turned out, it was! I got to feast among family and friends, and talk to some people I hadn't talked in years! It's amazing how even though time and distance were a factor in that, we still manage to talk like it were only yesterday! Have you guys ever had to distance from somebody and when they came back, it felt like they never left?!


dahhlayne said...

I agree with the feeling of as if I've never left! I am very involved in my church, especially in their worship band and volunteering in their toddler group. After spending a semester in college, I came back and well, feels like the kids still remember me even if they hadn't seen my face in months. :)

Flashes of Style said...

loveee this dress dear! <33



yiqin; said...

very nice necklace <3

SoFashionistica said...

@EVERYONE! Thank You All!

Nicoletta - Scent of Obsession said...

Love your necklace!!