Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Florals

Fall is here! Or should I say, Fall WAS here. It has been really warm these past few days that I have been wondering if Fall will ever come, so that I may be able to wear all my new Fall clothes I have been acquiring lately. I have been contemplating on purchasing a pair of boots that I posted here. I really, really want them but I think I should probably start to pay down my credit card instead. But maybe, I can purchase them and then pay it down. What do you guys think? 
Should I pay it down first or should I buy them and then pay it down?
On a different note, I wanna revamp my blog but I'm not sure how to really go about doing. Seeing how, my lack of html skills is lacking. Is there anyone out there willing to help or give me some kind of pointers? I would greatly appreciate it!
As for my dress, isn't it gorgeous?! I am really liking the waterfall effect that is on dresses these days. It's a refreshing take on the maxi dress look. As for the boots, since the dress was very feminine, I decided to tone it down by adding the moto boots. I guess I was going for that edgy look. 

Waterfall Dress, Boots: Marshall's
Tights: Ross
Necklace(which you can barely see): Forever 21

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I'm loving this dress, it's so perfect for fall, and that floral pattern is SO pretty!! Hope your weekend is a lovely one. xo veronika