Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sheer Leopard Top, Tights: Forever 21
Tank: Target
DIY Shorts: Thrifted
Boots: Sam & Libby (Marshall's)

Excuse the absence guys. I know I said I would start blogging regularly but what can I say, life gets in the way, and sometimes it gets hard to make room for certain things. In this case my blogging. But I'm back and that's what counts!
On to the outfit! So this here was just something I quickly put together to be able to wear these shorts that I thrifted that were originally shorts to the knee, sort of like Bermuda shorts that I cut up and rolled the ends to make them look shorter. I think I did a pretty good job of sewing up the cuffs because they won't be unrolling any time soon. As for the top, I was feeling a little bit more dressy than normal so I opted to wear this top which looks really nice with these teal-ish colored tights.
The boots are one of my latest buys. I have been wanting a pair of short suede boots and when I saw these babies at Marshall's for $34.99, I could not pass them up. They will look really nice with some dresses and skirts that I thrifted with my mom these past few weeks. I will be showing said purchases in these following weeks so stay tuned. Oh and thanks again to my followers who continue on supporting me through my absences, I really appreciate all of you and thank you for all your comments.

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