Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Army green pretty

It was a rainy day today,  so I had to dress accordingly.  However,  that didn't really work because my outfit wasn't really warm,  in fact it was anything but warm! The not-so-dressed-accordingly-moment was all my fault because I had to wear this pretty bowtie tank today with these forest green skinnies. I just had to! Besides,  don't we all sacrifice at some moment in time in the name of fashion?! Well, I do!


Sarah said...

The polka dots are darling and that bow is a perfect touch! I am not totally sure on the colors in the photos, but I think your pants are colored which makes us pants sisters, I do believe. (:

SoFashionistica said...

@Sarah: I guess we must be pants sisters! Hooray for pants....oh and dresses...and skirts!

Monica Whitney said...

I love these polka dots!

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