Monday, May 23, 2011

Pink & Mint

Button-up Blouse: Target + (DIY)
Skinnies, Belt: Forever 21
Converse- Chuck Taylor's: Converse outlet

My day off today! Yay! So in honor of my having a relaxing work-free day, I decided to keep things simple by wearing something that didn't require much thought. This top, which I altered myself; originally had boring white buttons but I decided to spruce things up a bit and add silver fun looking buttons instead.  It really changed the look of the shirt and actually I think it gives it more life. I just wished I would have taken closer pictures of the buttons so that you guys could have seen them. The belt, is FLORAL! Gotta love those flowers!
My shoes, are a beautiful mint color. MINT! Don't you love it?! Although I have a hard time figuring out outfits around them, I still do love them. Any suggestions people?! Let me hear your ideas please!


two birds said...

so cute and comfy! i love that belt! as for the chucks, wear them with anything..even a cute little black jersey mini-dress would look cute with them!

Pretty Things said...

i love your shirt - reminds me of candy canes!


Sarah said...

You will have to tell me more about this "day off" business, haha. What is it like? (: Also, your belt is absolutely adorable! And your converse are an amazing color.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i like the stripes in pink, too--super pretty!