Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!

 So in honor of Mother's Day, I decided to wear this pretty dress I found at H&M for $20.00! Yep...$20.00! I couldn't believe my luck, when I walked up to the register expecting to pay full price, and she tells me that it's on sale for 20! Boy was I in heaven!
 It was funny how this little creation just seemed to call out to me amongst a sea of sale clothes. Luckily, though, I am pretty good at digging for things (and I don't mind me saying that) and I happened to find it deep in the back of the rack of clothes. All I had managed to see, was a little bit of the peachy pink ruffle sneaking out between a fur coat thing and that was all I needed to see, because I fell in love and I knew I had to have it! And have it I did! Sometimes......good things come to those who wait, or in my case.....dig!

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