Sunday, May 1, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Black V-neck T-shirt: Target
Frayed Cardigan: Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)
Floral Skirt: Forever 21
Black Leggings: Target
Leather Purse: Coach <3
Flat Sandals: Apt.9 (Kohl's)

Today, I decided to take my photos outside. The weather was a bit hot for the cardigan, but hey, sometimes in the name of fashion we have to go to extremes. So today, I bravely managed the heat, and took these photos with the help of a friend. I'm a little happy that I got to have a little fun with my backdrops and show you guys a bit of where I live. 

Please don't mind the scary skull graffiti behind makes me look tough and it was not an accident!
In this picture, I ran out of ways to pose so this is what I came up with. Not bad, huh?!

I love, love, love how this picture came out! I managed to use a bit of my photography skills on Picasa, and was able to do this! Don't you just love my dreamy look? Haha.

This was another one of my experiments that I also think came out pretty good. What can I say? Maybe I should become a photographer when I grow up! Hmmm.......maybe not.

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