Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strike a Pose

Black v-neck sweater: Target
Grey Slacks: ?
Belt: Forever 21
Wayfarers: Ray Ban

Leopard Gladiator Wedges: H&M

Just so you all know....this is my second posting for today along with a second outfit, due to the fact that I have to work after school. So I had to change! Besides... I don't really think my job would appreciate it if I brought Beatlemania to work. 
I decided to go with a more conservative look to work today, but while also adding a touch of wild to it. I mean....the animals need to be let out of their cage sometimes, don't they? I would also like to say that these shoes don't really get too much wear with them being so fierce and all, so any chance I could get to rock these bad boys....I had to jump on it! Look out, you conservative bank customers, a leopard your way comes!

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