Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Green with Envy

THESE are the actual pictures of the outfit I wanted to share with you guys. Today I felt like wearing green  because I was envious of the fact that I did not get to enjoy the beautiful hot weather with all those people lounging out in front of my workplace. It would be awesome if on days like these work would let me leave early to enjoy it, but no can do. So to compensate for that, I figured I would wear a color that would reflect how I was feeling.
 I wanted to mix the different greens from my top and the skirt to bring out the little peach flowers that are on the print of this skirt. I love floral prints and anything with flowers because they look so pretty and besides that they don't give me allergies :)

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Monica Whitney said...

I love this look! And I love your blog background.

Now following! Hope you'll follow back!

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