Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a hoot

Cacoon sweater: UO
Owl tank: Forever 21
Slacks: Choice
Oxfords: Trifted
Necklace: Gifted

 Today, was another drab day (weather wise). But like I said in an earlier post.....there's nothing like wearing a pop of color to liven any dull day! Hence, the yellow sweater. But the real eye catcher here is, my owl tank! It's the most prettiest top I've seen at Forever 21 yet! The true color of the tank does not show up in the pictures, but the background color is a navy blue. Another feature that I wasn't able to capture on the tank, was the little zipper breast pocket. Besides the owls; that was what really reeled me in. Plus, it's the little things that count. Right?! Well.... I got this cute little treasure while going on a quick and random mini shopping spree with my friend. I barely mentioned Forever 21 and off we were heading right towards the light! Then.... amongst trying on loads of clothes and not liking any of them, I opted to buy this little gem. While my friend,on the other hand, pretty much bought the whole store! There's nothing like finding a good buy, when you didn't plan on buying anything in the first place. So all I can say about that is: SCORE!

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Boo, to drab weather days! But, a big, yay to your fun pop of colour!! And how cute is that owl tank?! I absolutely adore fun & whimsical prints and this one is so lovely. xx veronika